9th place at Pkra China

I’m in China a bit more than a week and it has been a crazy time here!!! The culture and the people are so different to Europe and everything I have experienced before. It’s hard to grasp what’s going on and who things work. Almost nobody speaks english and it’s incredible hard to communicate. But it’s great fun and for sure a lifetime experience!

The spot is quite difficult to ride and the wind during the comp wasn’t as good as we all would have hoped for. I had all my heats on my 15 meter TS and sometimes even that felt to small. In the end I could get a 9th place out of it and with that top 10 result I’m happy.

Tomorrow it is time to leave China and to go to New Caledonia. Can’t wait to get there and kite at this place at the end of the world if you are from Europe.

One Response to “9th place at Pkra China”

  1. DADs words are:

    Enjoy your trip!!
    Hopefully it’s warmer in NC… ;-)