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Start of the doubles…

September 11th, 2008

Yesterday we had a crazy day again. First they had to finish the single. They made a skippersmeeting at 6 in the morning. Unfortunately nobody of the officials took care when the sun rises here and so the meeting and the first possible start were hold in complete darkness. Funny - isn’t it? There was also no wind and after discussions and discussions they decided to put all riders, which where still in the single into a bus and look for another spot. Finally they found a place and finished the singles.

When the bus came back they straight wanted to start the doubles but they forgot that there was lowtide and so we had to move again to another place with water. They startet the first heat 3 times before they could count it… I was in the 5th heat against Madisson van Huerck. The wind was super gusty. Against all others I took a small kite and did the right decision. The wind picked up a little bit and was perfect for my PrimaDonna 11. I had a good heat and could beat Madi. I’m really happy with that… After this round they had to quit again due to the dropping and gusty wind.

Today we tried to start severall times but it was too light wind all day long. After lunch at 2pm they called it off for today…

Skippermeeting tomorrow at 7:30am

Back home

September 2nd, 2008

Finally I’m back in Ausrtia. The last days in Germany have been really nice with lots of sun and warm weather.

My girlfriend and I went to the concert of “Wir sind Helden”, a really good german band. We also joined some parties and had much fun. Over all I’m pretty happy how everything went in Germany. Another top ten place, lots of fun with my friends, a good time with my girlfriend and some nice sessions on the water.

Yesterday was my first day at home and i woke up in the morning and heard the wind blowing outside. I drove 10 minutes to one of the best spots on our lake and arrived there before everbody else. I had a supernice morning session with good wind for the 11, sunny warm weather and lots of space on the water.

Coche Day 3, 4 and 5

April 29th, 2008

The last days we had really good conditions here in Coche. If you forget the jellyfishes, it’s pretty good and cool. I trained a lot and my tricks get better and better. Most of the riders have successfully arrived on the island and everybody is showing his best tricks. It’s motivating but its also very crowded on the water. Till now I haven’t seen really new tricks. Everybody is trying to get the doublepasses and more power.

Tomorrow is registration and the day after tomorrow the 3rd tourstop of the PKRA-worldtour starts here in Coche/Venezuela.

France - Day 5

April 12th, 2008

Day 5:

Today was the single elemination and I tell you it was such a cool unreal incredible day. Let me start at the beginning…

The ridersmeeting was at 8.00 in the morning. I felt not too good and I was a little bit tyred. The organisation told us that they will start with trails and so I had some time to prepare my gear and myself. After the drawing I was up against Oliver Panny my buddy from my homespot. I was super happy for him that he made the qualifikation but than I had to ride against him. I had a nice heat and could win this one. I was really sorry for Oli but he will make it in the doubles. My second heat was against a guy from Venezuela. He kicked out Pile the round before and was riding good & radical but I did some good stuff and could beat him. After this my next opponent was Mike Blomwall. He kicked out Cesar Portas befor what means to kick the number 3 of the world. I had a really good heat. I sticked everthing and my kite was low. After I came back to the beach I heard that I won this heat and so i was so stoked. That meant that i would be at least 5th… My next heat was against Kevin. I tryed hard but it was not enough… So I had to go into the Losers Final against Peter Ty. from Russia. I motivated myself again for the last heat for me today and I did pretty good. I came from the water to the anouncing and they told me thatI got 3rd!!! How cool is that?!?! I am super happy and could not believe it at this moment… Never dreamed in the morning, that I get 3rd behind Kevin and Aaron in the evening…. It’s a DREAM!!!

Let’s see what in the doubles happens but in the moment I’m super stoked. In worst case I’m 4th after the doubles but be sure: I’ll fight and give my best!! I want to thank all my Sponsors, my Family, my Friends, my grlfriend Carina and my father who made this happen for me. Thanks sooooo much. Your support is so great and important.


France - Day 3

April 10th, 2008

Day 3:

Today we went to Spain because there was no wind in Leucate. It took us one hour to a spot next to a town called Roses. It was really nice there! First i have been out on my ten, later I pumped up my 8 and took it for a ride. We also made some pics. You will find them in the gallery.
Tomorrow will be the registration for the competition and it looks like there will be wind as well. Actually it looks like its getting stormy and cold but let’s see.


2nd PKRA Tourstop France

April 10th, 2008

Yesterday I arrived in Leucate in France for the Mondial du Vent. This year the PKRA takes place at this huge event. I arrived a little bit earlier to get used to the tricky conditions here. The event starts on Saturday and the forcast tells something about 40 to 50 knots for the first day of competition. I hope it does not get too hardcore but we will see. Yesterday and today I trained here and my father took some pictures. You’ll find them in the gallery. We also visited the museum of Salvador Dali in Figueras/Spain. I will also upload some interesting pics from there.Stay tuned for more news from the second PKRA-tourstop here in France….


Mexico Day 2

March 7th, 2008

Today was the second day of the PKRA-event here in Mexico. Conditions have been much better than yesterday…

Skippersmeeting was at 9 and we startet at 9. 50. I warmed up and then I had my first heat against Mark Jacobs. He is a very good rider from New Zealand and it’s very hard to ride against him, as nobody knows, what he will do next… ;.) The conditions here are “super-hard”. Gusty an soooo choppy. My arrival was on Tuesday and because of this fact I had no possibility to check conditions here before my first heat. I was really happy to land a lot of tricks and to win this one.

My second opponent was Julian Hosp from Austria. I know that he can ride really powerfull and so I tried to give my best. Jules did a good job too but in the end the judges gave me the better end.

In round 3 I was against Kevin Langeree. Actually he is number 2 in PKRA-ranking and at the moment his shape is excelent! It’s clear that every rider tries to give his best and a little bit more when he’s against Kev in the same heat. I had a good run and sticked a lot but at this early time of the season he could do a little bit more - that’s it… It’s no shame to lose a heat against Kev in this shape (he won the Single today) and hopefully I can improve my performance during the long season 2008.

Tomorrow we will start the Double and I have to wait fo my opponent. Lets hope it’s getting not too hard.

Thanks for all your wishes and please wish me good luck for tomorrow.


March 6th, 2008

Day 1: 

Yes. I finally made it o the first tourstop of the PKRA this year. We are here in Mexico on Playa del Carmen, south of Cancun. It was a long trip and I was pretty tired when I arrived. I came just in time for registration and today was the first day of the event. Unfortunatly there was to less wind for freestyle but they did some courseracing. We did the drawing for the freestyle-event and I am against Mark Jakobs from New Zealand. Hard draw!! He is really crazy and a very good rider but I will give everything to beat him.

So there should be more wind tomorrow and I hope we can start the single elemination.

I will give yo more infos tomorrow. Wish me good luck and cross your fingers!!