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Full Speed Ahaed - our latest video


Our latest video - Full Speed Ahaed is ON!

Filmed in Hamata / Egypt during our final R&D for Chit Chat, the new JN-Board. Had a great time there and new Chit Chat is awesome!



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New video “no more, no less…”

It’s hard to show all the work and spirit in one short movie but believe me - it was a great time! that’s it! no more, no less…

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ORF - reports ISUZU Kite- and Windsurf ÖM 2008 - 3rd & 4th of Oct.

There have been a lot of reports from last weekend (ÖM - expression session) in our main broadcasting company ORF. It’s good for our sport to have so much coverage!

for ”Heute in Österreich” from ORF-webpage click here (ca. 8MB)

for another report (Burgenland heute) and some pics click here




ORF-report: ISUZU Austrian Championship Kite & Windsurf 2008

Very nice videoclip - produced by Chris Zarfl ( . This clip was filmed during an Expression Session with a lot of Austrian riders and friends and broadcasted by ORF Sport Plus Oct.2nd and 3rd 2008. Big hands to Chris for this nice clip!

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Enjoy - Mike



BKF-report: ISUZU Austrian Championship 2008

Short clip sent by BKF from Sept 30-2008 in an infinite loop:

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Enjoy - Mike



Interview in ATV-Aktuell & Sport

There was a short interview sent on ATV-Aktuell and Sport prime time -  Saturday, 12th of July at 07:20PM. ATV is one of our two major television-stations here in Austria and has a lot of viewers. Quality is now a little bit better - a friend gave me a copy from his harddisk-recorder - thanks!!

“next level”


“next level” - our new video from Domenican Republic is ON!!!

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Had a nice time there - enjoy our short impression!!

“bam oida…” - our latest video

After successful PKRA-event in Leucate we had a little time to produce a new video. My buddy Oli was also there and we had much fun!! We used one trainingsession at Etang Leucate for filming. Unfortunately we had only this one good day with sun there, so the time was limited… Anyway - enjoy this funny stuff in the style of a roadmovie… bam oida!!


“bam oida…” as Windows Media file (ca 115MB) click here

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“chicks & cars”

chicks & cars

My newest video from Capetown/RSA - “chicks & cars” is ON. Enjoy!

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