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Interview KB.DE

July 13th, 2008

In the latest issue of Kiteboarding.de you can find an interview with me. Henning Nockel made this interview during my trip to RSA this Winter. Lots of things have changed since this time, but I’m happy to get this coverage over 6 pages in one of the major German kitemags.


You can read more in kiteboarding.de, issue 5 / July 2008 - page 64


Day 17 and 18

February 15th, 2008

Day 18:

Actually I’m sittig in an internetcafe waiting for wind. Looks not so good today. No sun no wind, just rain and clouds. It looks a little bit better for tomorrow, but the chance for wind late in the afternoon is still alive…

Day 17:

We went to Brandvlei because there was no wind in Capetown. When we arrived there was wind but it seems to be gusty like hell. 12- 35 knots!!! I went out on my 8 but must of the time it was a battle to survive. Later the day it got better and better. The 8 fit perfect and the Langeree- Family joined us. We had a very nice session and we took some pictures for the gallery.


Day 12 and 13

February 10th, 2008

 Day 13:

The 13th day was a rainy one. There was absolutly no wind but a lot of rain. We decided to go shopping to Waterfront, a big shoppingmall in Capetown. The rest of the day we chilled, rested on the couch and surfed in internet.

Day 12:

A really nice day. The forcast looked not good but fortunately they where wrong and we had a good session. We went to Dolphin- beach and pumped up our tens. I was out with Kevin, Aaron and Ruben. Its so motivating to be out with these guys. I sticked some nice tricks and tried couple of new ones.

We took some pics out of the videotakes we took. The quality is not as good as the one from a normal camera but they are still ok. You’ ll find them in the gallery


Day 10 and 11

February 8th, 2008

Day 11:

We went to Langebaan because this day it was too windy in Capetown. First I went out at Friday-Island and we filmed a little bit. Later we went to Sharksbay and we had a quiet nice session there. I could do a lot of tricks and was pretty happy with this day.

Day 10:

BIG waves!!! The forcast predicted 5,2 meter and they did not lie! I don`t know the exact high but we had a perfect downwinder from Bigbay to Hakat. The wind was very strong (up to 40kts), but this gave us the “extra lift”. I’m sure that there are less places on the planet where you can jump higher than between Capetown and Melkbos. Perhaps it’s because of the cold water or the perfect angle of the waves. Between all the freestyle training-sessionsan we enjoyed a Big-wave day in RSA!!

Day 9

February 7th, 2008

On the 9th day of my training in Capetown I decided to start earlier in the morning to ride in lighter winds but when I was standing on the beach at 9 o’clock it allready blew with 30 kts. So I went to Bigbay, took my 8 and had a good session. After lunch my father and I went to Brandvlei to train Freestyle. Overall it was a good day and I had lot of fun. We also took pictures. You find some of them in the gallery.


Day 4, 5, 6, 7

February 4th, 2008

Day 7:

Today we stayed in Capetown because the forcast looked good and four meter waves were predicted. The wind was really strong and we started the day with a downwinder from Dolphinbeach to Bigbay. Was really nice. After lunch we got back to Bigbay and Silvester and I went out on our 7’s. I was almost overpowerd and we did some nice big airs and some high Kiteloops. After a bad crash I stoped it for today and also Silvester quit his session.

Day 6:

No wind and a lot of rain. So we chilled in our house and worked on my new homepage. Silvester really helped me a lot and made this all happen. Big thanks to him.

Day 5:

This day Silvester, my father and I went to Langebaan because the wind in Capetown was to strong. When we arrived it looked not that good but after some waiting and a spotchange we went out on our tens. I landed some nice and powerd tricks and was pretty happy about that.

Day 4:

Today Silvester Ruckdaeschel, Henning Nockel, my father and I went to a lake called Brandvlei. When we arrived the wind was pretty bad and it was to less to kite. We waitet about one hour and then the wind came. Silvester and I went out on our 12m kites. Henning shoot some pics and my father filmed for our next video. Silvester did some really nice Slims and Backmobes. He did it with bindings so it looked really powerd. Wakestyle at its best. I also tryed some new stuff like Nukegraps to 313 and Nukegraps to blind. I sticked some of them. Some pics of this incredible day in the gallery. After this nice session we went back to Capetown for dinner.