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Day 19 and 20

February 17th, 2008

Day 20:

 In the morning we made a downwinder from Dolphin- Beach to Big Bay. The wind was perfekt for the 8 and i really enjoyed it. I landed some super nice tricks and was so happy with them. I also surfed some waves and all in all it was an almost perfekt session. After a break I went out in Big Bay with the 7 but i was totally overpowerd and did only big air. It was to crowdy and after a while i quited for this day.

Day 19:

Nothing special. A session at Dolphin- Beach. And later i went to Big Bay for another session. There have been to much people on the beach and in the water today so it was a bit annoying. It’s always bad on weekends but i’ m sure its better on monday.

Day 12 and 13

February 10th, 2008

 Day 13:

The 13th day was a rainy one. There was absolutly no wind but a lot of rain. We decided to go shopping to Waterfront, a big shoppingmall in Capetown. The rest of the day we chilled, rested on the couch and surfed in internet.

Day 12:

A really nice day. The forcast looked not good but fortunately they where wrong and we had a good session. We went to Dolphin- beach and pumped up our tens. I was out with Kevin, Aaron and Ruben. Its so motivating to be out with these guys. I sticked some nice tricks and tried couple of new ones.

We took some pics out of the videotakes we took. The quality is not as good as the one from a normal camera but they are still ok. You’ ll find them in the gallery