Morocco and Germany

So after not updating my homepage for quite a time I found some minutes to catch up.

The last weeks have been very exciting and stressfull. After a weekend at home I went to Morocco for the Pkra tourstop there. The event was in Essouira and everything was pretty small. The conditions have been very hard with gusty, nuking wind every day. In the singlelemination I could get up to the 4th place which made me really happy. Later in the doubleelemination I had to go against Andy Yates and he kicked me to the 5th place. But still an awesome result for me and I’m super stoked!

After my time in Africa I flew home to Austria for two days to wash my clothes and to pick up my girlfriend to go to germany for the next worldcup. It was time for the biggest event this year and it was held in St. Peter Ording like every year. Carina and I had a great time up in the north and the weather was unexpected good this year. The wind was blowing almost every day and there have been thousends of spectators to watch the show on the water. At the concert on the second weekend when Jan Delay was preforming they counted 43000 people on the beach!!! The comp itself did not go to well for me. I hurted my ankle befor the event and still felt some pain in my heats. In the end I got a 9th place.

Now Carina and I drove further up north to visit Denmark. In the moment we stay in Hvide Sande and the place is nice and the spots are looking sick!!!