Fuerteventura and chillin at home…

My last competition went really good. It was the Pkra tourstop on Fuerteventura and I could finish it in 7th position. I’m pretty stoked about the result. In the singleelemination I was able to beat Sebastian Garat and in the Doubleelemination I could win against Cesar Portas. In the heat for the 6th place I was up against Alberto Rondina who is riding very strong in the moment. We had a sick and actionloaded heat with the better end for Alberto. He won in a close 3:2 desicion.

After the comp I had two more days on the island which I used to train a bit with my Quiksilver teammate Mario Rodwald. We had an awesome day on our 7m kites and it was grat fun.

Now I am home for about 10 days. Not to much wind in Austria in the moment but on Saturday I will fly to Portugal for a secret mission…. I will keep you up to date