New Sponsor! BEST Kiteboarding

I have some great news to announce!

After riding for JN the last three years it was time for me to move on and so i changed my Kite and Board sponsor to BEST Kiteboarding. I had three wonderfull, funny and exciting years with JN but after the offer from BEST to develop a brand new competition kite with them there was no doubt for me to change.

I have allready been to Portugal to test some prototypes, to meet the team and to try the all new Taboo. I will also ride the new 2011 Armadas which are build by my dad in Austria. I was allready involved in the process of development for this boards and they feel sick!

I’m really looking forward to work hard on this new project and I can’t wait to show you some results.

I also want to thank JN for their support and their trust in me. A BIG thanks to Bernd, Iris, Fabian, Ivan, Wolfi and Alois!!!!!

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