7th place at the Pkra Argentinie

After an exciting week here in Bariloche/Argentina the
competition is over. We had wind every single day and almost every day for my 7m
kite. On the second day we started with the singleelemination and I had no
opponent in the first round. In the second round I had to go against my
roommate here Mario Rodwald. Pretty bad to pick your roommate in the drawing but thats life. The
conditions have been hard but I could land some nice tricks and Mario had a bad
day. I took the win and went into the next round to visit Alex Pastor. My heat
startet good but when I was going for my S-Bendpass I crashed hard and my bar
broke. So the heat was over for me and I got picked up by the rescueboat.

The Doubleelemination startet two days later with strong
wind and freecing temperatures. I could win my first heat against a local guy
and then I was facing Tom Hebert. Unfortunatly I struggled with the cold water
after a crash because I had to swim quite a while. After that I couldn’t feel
my hands anymore and I lost the heat. So I ended up on the 7th place… Thats
still a pretty good result and it keeps me motivated for the future.

Tomorrow ist time to go home. Will be a long journey.
Starting with the bustrip around 8am on sunday and I should arrive in Austria
at Thuesday afternoon.

You can find more sick pics shot by Toby Bromvich under:


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