It’s windy in Austria!

The competition is over in Morocco and I’m already back in Austria. The trip to Dakhla was good for some training but the competition went all wrong for me. Due to the new contest format with only 8 seeded guyes in the mainevent I had to go into the trials. The first time since I am on the tour. The trials alone have been pretty hard for everybody because so many awesome riders had to do them. I managed to get into the mainevent but couln’d get any better than 17th. Disappointing!!! In 2 weeks I will have a chance to do better in the 3rd Pkra tourstop this season in Leucate/France.

For now I look forward on a week full of wind here in Austria. I had a good session on my 15 Taboo yesterday and according to the forecast it looks like I will have wind every day till next tuesday…