Pkra Brazil

The Pkra tourstop in Brazil is over. It took place at a small rivermouth in a little fishertown called Barra do Cunhau. The spot is very nice with lots of flat water so it wasn’t hard to believe that the level was really high in the comp! The local riders also didn’t make it easier so I was allready happy to survive the trials and get into the mainevent. In the singleelemination my first heat was against the Brazilien champion Madson. The guy ripped and kicked my ass so I had to try it again in the doubles. My first opponent was Kevin Langeree. I knew that I would have to give everything and so I did. I had one of my best heats ever and landed some very difficult powered tricks. My final trick was a clean landed Blind Judge 5… In the second round i faced Reno Romeo. I had a good heat again but not as good as the on before. I lost in a close desicion and had to take the 13th place. After the comp I used the time to train and to take some videoshots. The video is allready done and it will be uploaded as soon as I’m at home. Internet is way to slow here.
So tomorrow I will start the trip to get home and on the weekend there is the next competition waiting. The Austrian Championship. Can’t wait for that all tho the forecast looks really bad for the wind…