Back home…

Yesterday I got home from my trip to Venezuela. The flight was really bad because something with the aircondition went wrong and the plane was heated the whole flight.

Now I’ m happy to be at home again to see my girlfriend, my familiy, my friends and so on. The windforcast looks good and so I can continue my training for the next tourstop and for the 1st stop of the Austrian championchip at lake Traunsee.

I’ ll keep you updated about news.

Cheers Mike


6 Responses to “Back home…”

  1. flo leixs words are:

    super! gute leistung! nur weiter so!

  2. Detlef + Monikas words are:

    There are now some nice photos from Isla Coche and El Yaque in my picture gallery on (click for two bigger sizes). The video will follow in about one week.

  3. Franzs words are:

    Thanks Detlef - nice pictures in your gallery!!! :.)

  4. Detlefs words are:

    The video (first part: Isla Coche) is ready:

  5. Detlefs words are:

    You can watch now my second video: El Yaque, Part 2 of PKRA Venezuela:

    The first part (Isla Coche) is now also on YouTube:

    I hope, these are nice souvenirs for you, too.
    See you in Cabarete

  6. Franzs words are:

    Hi Detlef! Thanks for your nice videos… It’s a lot of work to create such a clip! Hope to CU soon - Franz