Trip to Hatteras and kiteing in Austria

What can I say… I love spring in Austria and this years spring is even better than all before. I can’t remember a year with so much time on the water at the lake Neusiedlersee here in Austria. Feels so good to ride at home and to be able to train where you life!
Last week I went to Cape Hatteras in the USA for the BEST Kiteboarding Teamshoot of this year. I have been really excited about that trip and it was great to be on one of the most legendarys spot in the US. The wind wasn’t that great but we still managed to get the work done. With some sundownersessions and even more sunriseshoots we used every possibility to get good pictures. The spots at Hatteras are awesome. So much flatwater and consistant wind made kiteing really easy and to hang out with the team made feel like traveling with family.
Here are some pics from a recent session at my homespot in Podersdorf…