Enjoying the life in Capetown

As told i was at home for christmas latly but now I’m back in Capetown for almost 3 weeks. The wind was great so far. Only one day without wind and that break felt good as well. I also got Carina my girlfiriend with me and ist so much fun to be here together.

I’m still testing my new kites and we make big steps foreward! I have also made it up to the top of the Lionshead finally. I thought after my 5th time here in Southafrica ist was time for this hike and it was great…

Good times in Capetown

After almost 3 weeks in Capetown I went home to celebrate christmas with my girlfriend and my familiy. I had an awesome time in Southafrica and the wind was really good so far. I could test my prototypes in all possible conditions and the kite is going to be sick!!! No I try to survive in the cold of europe and in two weeks I fly again to Capetown to finalize the kites and to train for the upcoming season…

Capetown rocks…

Like every year I spend my wintertraining arround Capetown in Southafrica. This year I made it down here pretty early to help develope some kites for BEST. So far I had 5 days with great wind and all possible conditions. We make lots of progress with the kites and I’m really happy with the results. Till now I had no possibility to get some pictures done but I hope that I’ll have something to show you soon.


After getting a new Kitesponsor I could manage to get another company to support me. And what a company it is!!! I’m proud to announce that Americas #1 energydrink MONSTER ENERGY is from now on one of my sponsors.


Now it’s up to you to go out, buy the cans and „Unleash the BEAST“!!!!!!!!!

7th place at the Pkra Argentinie

After an exciting week here in Bariloche/Argentina the
competition is over. We had wind every single day and almost every day for my 7m
kite. On the second day we started with the singleelemination and I had no
opponent in the first round. In the second round I had to go against my
roommate here Mario Rodwald. Pretty bad to pick your roommate in the drawing but thats life. The
conditions have been hard but I could land some nice tricks and Mario had a bad
day. I took the win and went into the next round to visit Alex Pastor. My heat
startet good but when I was going for my S-Bendpass I crashed hard and my bar
broke. So the heat was over for me and I got picked up by the rescueboat.

The Doubleelemination startet two days later with strong
wind and freecing temperatures. I could win my first heat against a local guy
and then I was facing Tom Hebert. Unfortunatly I struggled with the cold water
after a crash because I had to swim quite a while. After that I couldn’t feel
my hands anymore and I lost the heat. So I ended up on the 7th place… Thats
still a pretty good result and it keeps me motivated for the future.

Tomorrow ist time to go home. Will be a long journey.
Starting with the bustrip around 8am on sunday and I should arrive in Austria
at Thuesday afternoon.

You can find more sick pics shot by Toby Bromvich under:


Just click from day to day…

Pkra Bariloche

So here I am in Bariloche in Argentinia now. The town is really nice and very touristic. The views are amazing and its a beautifull place. I arrived yesterday and had a great kite session on the lake allready. The water is crystallclear but very cold. Fortunatly the sun was shining and the air wasn’t that cold so it was quit ok for kiting.

Today we had no wind so we did some sightseeing in the town and in the afternoon we had the regestration. Tomorrow the competition starts and the forecast looks promising. I’ll keep you up to date about whats going on here.

Pics by Jacqueline d’Entremont.

In Argentinia…

So after a 14 hours on the plane from Frankfurt to Buenos Aires I’m in Argentinia. Haven’t seen to much from the country so far but thats gona change soon because we have to drive for 19 hours with the bus to Bariloche which is on the other end of Argentinia. I’m here for the 8th tourstop of the Pkra tour and I’m really excited what the spot will be like. Just heard it was snowing the last days!!!

I’ll keep you up to date

New Sponsor! BEST Kiteboarding

I have some great news to announce!

After riding for JN the last three years it was time for me to move on and so i changed my Kite and Board sponsor to BEST Kiteboarding. I had three wonderfull, funny and exciting years with JN but after the offer from BEST to develop a brand new competition kite with them there was no doubt for me to change.

I have allready been to Portugal to test some prototypes, to meet the team and to try the all new Taboo. I will also ride the new 2011 Armadas which are build by my dad in Austria. I was allready involved in the process of development for this boards and they feel sick!

I’m really looking forward to work hard on this new project and I can’t wait to show you some results.

I also want to thank JN for their support and their trust in me. A BIG thanks to Bernd, Iris, Fabian, Ivan, Wolfi and Alois!!!!!

Austrian Champion 2010

Last weekend we had the Isuzu Kitesurfnationals. The forecast looked great an the wind really showed up in Podersdorf! On Friday we had the regestration and in the afternoon the wind got strong enough so we startet the Freestyleheats. The wind was pretty light and I was on my 13 all day long. I had some good heats but in some heats it was almost to light to ride. Anyway I made it into the final against Stefan Spiessberger who really got style in his kiteing and also does all the tricks from the worldtour. Unfortunatly just when we wanted to start our heat the wind died and the racedirector had to cancell the heat and we called it a day.

On Saturday not much happend because the wind wasn’t picking up the whole day so we chilled a lot and relaxed after a lot of kiteing on Friday.

On Sunday a bad weather front was arriving in Austria and with that the wind got very strong with up to 35 knots. In the morning we ran the singleelemination final. As said I was up against Stefan and I knew that I would have to give everything to beat him on the water. I managed to land some good tricks and in the end it was enough to wind the heat and the singles.

Due to the strong wind they cancelled the races and started with a doubleelemination instead. It took them the hole day to run the heats till the finals. In the late afternoon it was time for me to prepare for the last final and I went out on my 7 to warm up. In the heat between Stefan and Dominik Müller, which was about who is going into the final, Stefan did a bad movement and dislocated his shoulder and had to give up. So the final of the nationals was Dominik against me. He was riding really good and showed some nice passes but I also had a good heat and so I was able to beat him and win the nationals this year.

I’m really happy about that and it feels so good to be the number 1 in Austria again after a break of two years because I had to be at worldcup events when the nationals happened. In all the happienes I feel very sorry for Stefan because I know he trained so hard for this day and I’m sure we would have had an amazing final against each other. But he will come back for sure!

My father also did a great job and got Austrian Champion in the Masters-Class. Not bad for a guy over 50 and he really earned this titel! Showing handlepasses, unhooked stuff and some sick kiteloops he even impressed me!

I also wanted to thank everybody for their help on the beach and anywhere else this weekend. A special thanks goes to my girlfriend Carina, Daniel and my family!!!

Fuerteventura and chillin at home…

My last competition went really good. It was the Pkra tourstop on Fuerteventura and I could finish it in 7th position. I’m pretty stoked about the result. In the singleelemination I was able to beat Sebastian Garat and in the Doubleelemination I could win against Cesar Portas. In the heat for the 6th place I was up against Alberto Rondina who is riding very strong in the moment. We had a sick and actionloaded heat with the better end for Alberto. He won in a close 3:2 desicion.

After the comp I had two more days on the island which I used to train a bit with my Quiksilver teammate Mario Rodwald. We had an awesome day on our 7m kites and it was grat fun.

Now I am home for about 10 days. Not to much wind in Austria in the moment but on Saturday I will fly to Portugal for a secret mission…. I will keep you up to date

On the way to Fuerteventura

After a weekend at home I have to pack my stuff again because its time for the next worldcup this year. Fuerteventura is the upcoming one and for sure its going to be hardcore wind and action as every year. My flight is today and the comp starts tomorrow so kind of stressfull but it should be ok. I’ll keep you up to date form Sotaventobeach as soon as possible.

I also uploaded some pictures from my last trip to Germany and Denmark…

Morocco and Germany

So after not updating my homepage for quite a time I found some minutes to catch up.

The last weeks have been very exciting and stressfull. After a weekend at home I went to Morocco for the Pkra tourstop there. The event was in Essouira and everything was pretty small. The conditions have been very hard with gusty, nuking wind every day. In the singlelemination I could get up to the 4th place which made me really happy. Later in the doubleelemination I had to go against Andy Yates and he kicked me to the 5th place. But still an awesome result for me and I’m super stoked!

After my time in Africa I flew home to Austria for two days to wash my clothes and to pick up my girlfriend to go to germany for the next worldcup. It was time for the biggest event this year and it was held in St. Peter Ording like every year. Carina and I had a great time up in the north and the weather was unexpected good this year. The wind was blowing almost every day and there have been thousends of spectators to watch the show on the water. At the concert on the second weekend when Jan Delay was preforming they counted 43000 people on the beach!!! The comp itself did not go to well for me. I hurted my ankle befor the event and still felt some pain in my heats. In the end I got a 9th place.

Now Carina and I drove further up north to visit Denmark. In the moment we stay in Hvide Sande and the place is nice and the spots are looking sick!!!